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A very wise person suggested I send the attachment to all of you in an effort to get time sensitive information out to all Division members promptly.

Because we are faced with a number of great tours with very few registrants, we want to be sure that everyone knows how great they really are and how close
they are to being canceled.

September 12th is the deadline for us to decide if we keep the tours or cancel them, disappointing the few who did register for them.

We also have a clinic on the registration form Friday evening we thought would be a big hit, the wine and paint backdrop clinic. A professional artist will instruct
registrants in the techniques necessary to paint a backdrop, including the use of perspective and interface between the model railroad and the backdrop. The artist
will provide the canvass, the paints, the brushes and the instructions. The registrants will provide the beverage and a little imagination, and will take home a
finished painting. The clinic is specifically for both model railroaders and all other registrants, including teens and significant others! As of this email, not one
person has signed up. We need only 15 to make it a go.

We certainly appreciate your help in this matter. Please send out the email blast to all your members, if you can, in the next day or so. Again, the deadline for us is
September 12th, so people need to know now in order to register for the tours and clinics in time.

Thank you immensely for your help.

See you shortly,

Brian (elf)

PS: Note to the Potomac, Tidewater and Carolina divisions: very few members from these four divisions have even registered for the convention, especially
disconcerting in the case of the Potomac Division since it is so close. In all but one case, registrations in each of these divisions is actually in single digits!

Brian Kampschroer, Treasurer, MER, NMRA, Inc.; co-chair, The Susquehannock 2017 MER Convention


That all tours for the Susquehannock Convention are guided tours? That you will travel to and from your destinations in luxurious buses, worry free? That means no
driving when tired, no navigating, no worries about getting lost, no worries about being on time, and no searching for a parking place that will likely cost you as
much as two gallons of gas, which you also do not have to worry with. All the tours, both general interest and railroad, are guided by experts in the subjects.

That one tour in particular, the East Broad Top/Rockhill Trolley Museum, is guided by the foremost expert on the EBT, Lee Rainey? That the EBT narrow gauge
railroad is a living museum? Think of Williamsburg, VA. Now, add a little dirt and savor the fact that, unlike the antiseptic reproduction of an 18th century town,
before you are the authentic, nearly all original, buildings and tools, machinery and locomotives of the headquarters of a 19th and early 20th century railroad,
preserved just for your awe and wonder. Visit the roundhouse and shops with all the steam locomotive maintenance machinery and tools. Visit the steam engines
and many cars. Then visit the operating Trolley Museum, again with a guide, ride an antique trolley and have lunch there. By the time your visit is concluded, you will
be exhausted, but can look forward to a several hour ride on a comfortable bus through fall mountain foliage, likely at its peak, where you can gawk or nap or talk
with fellow modelers about all you have seen. All expenses included in one reasonable fee. Sign up now, because if minimums are not met, the tour will be canceled
and is unlikely to ever be repeated. The deadline for all tours is September 12th.

That there is a special Friday evening activity at the hotel for both model railroaders, teens and significant others? We have contracted for a professional artist to
assist and instruct everyone attending in painting a landscape, with particular attention to the techniques necessary and useful for painting backdrops. The artist
will provide each registrant a canvas, paints, brushes and individual attention. The registrant provides the wine or other beverage and a modicum of imagination. No
experience is necessary. The end result is a painting you take back with you, as well as the confidence to paint your backdrop. For just $45 you have an evening of
productive fun leading to tangible results. The deadline for registering for the wine and paint evening is September 12th.

Did you know that there is a preconvention tour on Thursday of the never before visited American Car and Foundry plant, followed by lunch in a dining car at the
Northumberland Railroad Station, followed still by a tour and shopping opportunity at Bowser manufacturing and English’s Hobby shop? Again, the deadline for all
tours is September 12th.

That the Susquehanna Division is sponsoring a commemorative HO tank car whose prototype was built at the above ACF plant, originally in 1913 but rebuilt to run at
least into the forties, possibly beyond 1950? The prototype was leased to Philadelphia’s Publicker-Ward Distilling Company, a distiller of fine liquors, cologne and
later, during WWII, chemicals. The model is made by MER’s own Tichy models, as are the unique decals. It is available for ordering now on the registration form for
only $16.95 and includes five different car numbers, so buy two or three. Or five. There is no deadline!

Did you know that Harrisburg’s PA state Capitol is often rated the most beautiful in the entire country? And that we are offering a tour of the Capitol and its
magnificent statuary, the PA state museum, lunch at the famous Sammy’s across the street from the Capitol steps, followed by a short ride through beautiful
Reservoir Park to the renowned National Civil War Museum? Once again, the tour registration deadline is September 12th.

There is a general interest tour to world famous Hershey Gardens and the new butterfly garden, followed by a guided tour of the Chocolate World museum? And
that the deadline for registration is, wait for it, September 12th!

Did you know that the deadline for all tours and most extra fare items is September 12th? That date keeps recurring because that is the last day deposits for all the
activities are refundable. If too few have signed up, the tours and backdrop painting seminar will have to be canceled, since we cannot afford to operate at a loss.
So, please register for the tours and backdrop painting today!

Did you know that the convention hotel borders the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish country? Our banquet will reflect the Amish influence, a PA Dutch feast: corn bread,
apple butter, corn relish, spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, chicken pot pie, pork and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, roasted dry corn, peas, and desserts.

Did you know that the entertainment immediately after the banquet will be a live auction? You may register your auction items online soon at the convention web

Did you know that the convention will operate a company store featuring auction receipts, a very large white elephant area, other items for sale such as the
aforementioned commemorative car, and a door prize raffle? You are encouraged to register your company store items in advance online at the convention web

Did you know that every day, all day, from Thursday evening through Sunday morning, there will be clinics a plenty, over 70, more than some NMRA national
conventions? Presenting will be many nationally known clinicians, Lee Rainey, Lou Sassi, Bernie Kempenski, Steve King, John Forsyth, Bruce DeYoung and more.

On your way to and from the convention are many layouts open for tours. As you are navigating to them, please enjoy the fall foliage as traditionally the dates of the
convention are at peak times. Nearby also is the Strasburg Railroad, PA Railroad Museum and the national Toy Train museum.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to save the tours and backdrop seminar and register for them now. It is easy and quick to register and pay online at, or you can use the registration form and mail it today, you can email to the, or, in a real pinch, you can call Bill Grosse
at 609-585-4616. Do not put it off, do it now.
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